50th Anniversary Dinner & Club Awards Night

50th Anniversary Special presentation left to right; Sarah Evans, Barrie Owen, John Griffiths & Jemima Osborn

Saturday 27th October saw a 260 sell out for the clubs 50th Anniversary Dinner and awards night at the Marriot Hotel. There were many past, present and future athletes and volunteers there and all had a fantastic evenings celebrations. Our sincere gratitude and thanks goes out to all those who have supported the club in so many different ways for the last 50 years far to many to name them all. Special thanks should go to Sue Griffiths who coordinated a very memorable evening and her team of Ann Owen, Sarah McCoubrey, Emma Griffiths, Sue Leyshon and Andrew Griffithswho did a fantastic job. The main award winners on the night for 2012 were;

Male Athlete David Greene (presented by Club Chairman Gwilym Evans)

Female Athlete Caryl Jones (presented by Hayley Tullett 2003 World Championships 1500m Bronze medalist)

Junior Male Athlete Miles Keller-Jenkins (presented by Gwilym Evans)

Junior Female Athlete Hannah Brier (presented by Hayley Tullett)

Club Man Gareth Jones (presented by Gwilym Evans)

Club Woman Caryl Granville (presented by Hayley Tullett)

Hayley Tullett Junior Female Endurance Athlete Lara Philippart (presented by Hayley Tullett)

There were 2 special presentations made to David Greene for competing in the Olympic Games and to Dave Jessett for officiating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games both presented by Gwilym Evans.

All the U13 to U17 Gold Award Winners from 2012 were presented their awards by JJ Williams who still jointly holds the club U20M 100m record set in 1970 of 10.67. JJ was also our main speaker for the night.

And finally were the two most important surprise presentations which were made to Barrie Owen and John Griffiths who were founder members in 1962 and are still active volunteers in the club today and it wouldn't be the club it is without them, many thanks for all you've done and we very much look forward to getting a lot more years out of them yet! Barrie had his photo presented by Sarah Evans and John by Jemima Osborn, Sarah had trained with Barrie and Jemima with John for 8 years from U13G to U20W when they went away to University.

Photos of all award winners can be found in the Social Events Photo Gallery. An excellent 10 minute DVD film was played on the night showing the last 50 years of the club which was kindly edited, produced and directed for free by one of our junior volunteer coaches in the club Jayne Hosgood of Gower Video if you would like to buy a copy please email Sue Griffiths at sgriffiths56@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks again to everybody involved and heres to another successful 50 years!