Athletes Needed For Swansea Harriers Trustees Committee

Athletes Needed for Swansea Harriers Trustees Committee;
We are looking for active Swansea Harrier athletes to join the Trustees Committee to ensure we have the athletes’ perspective in the day to day running of all aspects of the club. If you are interested and your primary activity in the club is as a competitive athlete (at whatever level), and you can give a commitment to attending meetings once a month, and have constructive views on helping run the club, please let our Secretary Tony Clements know. We need both a male and female athlete to join the Committee. Contact Tony on or 07976 543344. PLEASE NOTE: Trustees must be 16 and over and declare that there is no reason why they are unable to hold a Trustee position (Tony can let you know what this entails). Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!