Don't miss the closing date for the West Wales Indoor Athletics Championships!

The West Wales Indoor Athletics Championships for the U11 to Senior age groups are being held at home in Swansea over the weekend of Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th January 2020. There is a closing date of 12pm Wednesday 1st January, late entries are not accepted under any circumstances. This is a great grass roots event with athletes of all abilities taking part, lots of friendly judges and great for those juniors to get their first experience of a "proper" competition too. Enter now, unless you want a text from your coach first thing in the morning on New Years Day as a reminder you've only a few hours until entries close!

All athletes must be registered with their club and Welsh Athletics
Athletes must have one of the following qualifications:
A: - Birth; the athlete having been born in West Wales (Dyfed or West Glamorgan).
B: - Residence; a minimum of 9 months continuous residence in West Wales immediately prior to this event.
Eligibility will be scrutinised. Guest athletes are not permitted in any age group.
AWARDS: Medals to the top 3 in each event and age group.
VESTS: Athletes must wear either their club, school, regional or National vest.
ENTRY FEES: £4 per event


U11 Boys + U11 Girls; must be born on or between 01.09.09 to 11.01.11 = school years 4 + 5
U13 Boys + U13 Girls; must be born on or between 01.09.07 to 31.08.09 = school years 6 + 7
U15 Boys + U15 Girls; must be born on or between 01.09.05 to 31.08.07 = school years 8 + 9
U17 Men + U17 Women; must be born on or between 01.09.03 to 31.08.05 = school years 10 + 11
U20 Men + U20 Women; must be born on or between 01.01.01 to 31.08.03 = school years 12+
Senior Men & Women; must be born on or before 31.12.00


All four jumps events will be held on Saturday 11th January and the 60m, 60m Hurdles and Shot on Sunday 12th January. U11, U13 & U15 may compete in up to three events on each day and U20 & Seniors five events each day.


U11B & U11G = 60m sprint, Long Jump & Shot.
U13B, U13G, U15G, U15B = 60m sprint, 60m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault & Shot
U17M, U17W, U20M, U20W, SM & SW = 60m sprint, 60m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault & Shot.
A provisional timetable of events can be printed here, to assist you with your event choices. However after the closing date the timetable will be adjusted to fit the number of competitors in each discipline 11 & 12.01.20 West Wales Indoor Athletics Championships Entry Form PROVISIONAL Timetable.pdf


We require UK Athletics qualified judges for both days of any level, as well as a team of volunteers from all West Wales clubs to assist on registration handing out numbers and pins. If you are willing and available to assist please email 




  • Ensure you report to register and collect your numbers no later than 30 minutes before your first event.
  • Medals to the top three in each age group and event.
  • Maximum 6 competitors in each 60m sprint race.
  • Maximum 4 competitors in each 60m hurdles race.
  • Track Finals will be run at heat times if there are not enough competitors for heats.
  • In the U17, U20 & Senior age groups qualification for track FINALS will be heat winners plus the appropriate number of “fastest losers".
  • In the U11, U13 & U15 age groups qualification for track FINALS will be the fastest 6 times in 60m and the fastest 4 times in 60m hurdles.
  • In all track events numbers must be worn front and back securely fastened by safety pins.
  • Shot, Long Jump and Triple Jump have a maximum of three trials.
  • Track event athletes must be in the warm up area no later than 10 minutes before their events are due to start. Competitors will be escorted by an official from the warm up area to the start line for track events.