Get Involved With Coaching at Swansea Harriers

Swansea Harriers is fortunate to have a large team of volunteer coaches that help week in week out in the club throughout the year, that being said we are always looking to add to the coaching team, as trying to cater for close to 800 athletes is a major undertaking for the coaching team. Fortunately during March there are a couple of coaching courses being held at home in Swansea outlined below. Please book on, or if you want more details speak to any of the coaches in the club.

Saturday 16th March; Leading Athletics Workshop/Certificate 2pm to 5pm:

Leading Athletics is an exciting new leadership workshop for those looking to lead athletics activities for young athletes. Packed full of useful tips and ideas, this 3 hours workshop is supported by a workbook, support resource and series of Game Cards which aid delivery. Leading Athletics is perfect for anyone wishing to lead an athletics session. A must for those new to the sport the resources include information on the roles and responsibilities of a leader, how to lead a fun and inclusive athletics session and further information on how to develop your leadership skills. Crammed with ‘Top Tips’ for effective delivery, the Support Resource also explores the key principles of running, jumping and throwing events whilst providing technical information which support these principles. 
A pre-cursor to formal coaching qualifications that complements the other British Athletics programmes of study and provides training for volunteers who can help to assist and lead activities under the guidance and support of a qualified athletics coach, helping to create more thriving club. To book onto the course click here.

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th March; UK Athletics Coaching Assistant Qualification 9am to 5pm:

Taking the Coaching Assistant award will place you on the first step of the athletics coaching ladder. It is an excellent starting point for your coaching pathway, and will prepare you for progressing towards the Athletics Coach qualification.
The Coaching Assistant award has been devised to provide an introduction to coaching in athletics. The course covers basic principles of running, jumping and throwing as the cornerstone of all athletics events. It will also focus on the introduction and development of fundamental movement skills to support athletics activities. A solid foundation and knowledge of athletics is required by the Coaching Assistant therefore this is the official point of entry to the coach education system for all aspiring coaches. An understanding of the principles of movement related to running, jumping and throwing are essential as these form the foundation and basis for training in all athletics events. As athletes grow and develop and new training methods are introduced the foundations of athletics will be required. For example, when strength training, the movement principles of throws should be maintained whilst doing medicine ball work, while endurance runners will need coordination, balance and strength in order to perform plyometric activity. Therefore fundamental skills and the movement principles of jumps should be utilised.
When you have completed the course and received your Coaching Assistant license you will be assisting in the delivery of athletics coaching sessions under the supervision of a qualified British Athletics Coach. This means that as a Coaching Assistant you may be working with a group of athletes without the physical presence of the Coach next to you, they may be operating at another part of the track, however they must be at the venue. Consequently the Coaching Assistant should be skilled in organising groups, ensuring safety, setting up and running stage appropriate athletics activities, and beginning to observe and analyse athletic movement. To book onto the course click here.