Proposed New Constitution & Reasoning

As already indicated, the club’s Committee will be looking for support at the AGM to change how the club is governed. Currently the club is constituted as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), and following the input of advisers funded by Welsh Athletics, it has been suggested we need to change the constitution to reflect the growth and development of the club, which now has over 700 athlete members and close to a hundred and fifty more volunteer coaches, officials, Team Managers and other helpers. CASC’s are more suited to clubs with membership of less than a hundred with limited activity and resources. Liability is also carried by each individuals responsible for running the club (the Committee).
A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), will be more appropriate to the size of the club, this still ensures a voting membership, and provides greater legal protection to its members and Trustees. It will hopefully also be an advantage when seeking financial support such as grants, sponsorship or donations.
Practically little will change on a day to day basis, the Committee members will be called Trustees though numbers, quorums, frequency of meetings and procedures at AGMs will be very similar to now.
The AGM is on Thursday 5th October at 7.45 pm and it is hoped that all interested members will attend and support this change to take the club forward.
The proposed CIO constitution is attached and if you have any queries please contact the Secretary, Tony Clements on