Results Round Up From Cardiff & Eton

Sunday 6th January was the Welsh Athletics U13, U15 & U17 Junior Open Indoor Athletics meeting held at Cardiff, the fixture incorporated the West Wales Indoor 800m & 1500m junior championships. From a participation perspective it was fantastic to see an entry of over 100 children from the club, many of whom were getting their first ever experience of competitive athletics. From a performance perspective highlights included 800m & 1500m medal winning runs and overall top performers in all other events from:

U17M Thomas Payne (7.15) 60m; Miles Hill (2.26.30) 800m & West Wales GOLD!; Evan Willis (9.67) 60m Hurdles; Noah Osborne (3.10m) Pole Vault and Ryan Price (4.85m) Long Jump.

U17W Emily Collins (8.76) 60m & (4.48m) Long Jump; Daisy Thompson (2.25.87) 800m & West Wales GOLD! and Elin Murphy (10.10) 60m Hurdles & (2.41m) Pole Vault.

U15B Dylan Morgan (7.70) 60m & (5.58m) Long Jump; Tom Attwood (2.27.22) 800m; Matt Gudgeon (2.40.06) 800m & West Wales GOLD!; Jacob Evans (2.46.64) & West Wales SILVERAled Tumelty (5.05.65) 1500m & West Wales SILVER!; Mathew Lewis (5.25.95) 1500m & West Wales BRONZE!; Zac Davies (9.03) 60m Hurdles and Joseff Lewis (2.40m) Pole Vault.

U15G Katelyn Thomas (8.68) 60m; Ella Davies (2.28.82) 800m & West Wales GOLD!; Tiffany Rees (2.31.63) 800m & West Wales SILVER! Mai Davies (5.20.51) 1500m & West Wales GOLD!; Abbie Hall (5.33.57) 1500m & West Wales BRONZE!; Freya Morgan (9.82) 60m Hurdles; Holly Guite (2.31m) Pole Vault and Chloe Jones (9.17m) Shot.

U13B David Ejimofor (8.46) 60m; Oliver Gillett (2.45.64) 800m; Alfie Smallman (5.31.58) 1500m; Harry Collins (11.81) 60m Hurdles and Joseph Pyke (3.50m) Long Jump.

U13G Zoe Strevens (9.26) 60m; Kaitlyn Jones (2.49.12) 800m & West Wales GOLD!; Bethan Holley (11.02) 60m Hurdles and Lily Ford (7.99m) Shot.

Very well done to everyone who took part, click here for the full results.

Meanwhile elsewhere...................SW Risqat Fabunmi-Alade runs (7.66) over 60m in Eton, London to finish 2nd.