Results Round Up From Cardiff, Merthyr Mawr & Swansea

The weekend of Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st January saw the West Wales Indoor Athletics Championships for all age groups held at home in Swansea. There was a superb entry of just over 200 athletes from the club. It was great to see athletes of all abilities competing in this grassroots athletics event. Our thanks also goes to all the volunteers who made the event possible, most of whom were there giving up their free time for both days, Very well done to all those athletes who took part, there are an awful lot of highlights as there were a sack full of medals won:
GOLD U20W Mia Evans (8.92) 60m Hurdles; U13G Megan Gwyther (10.19) 60m Hurdles; U13B Christian Stones (11.00) 60m Hurdles; U15G Carys Poole (9.61) 60m Hurdles & (4.77m) Long Jump; U15B Sam Petherbridge (9.06) 60m Hurdles & (4.90m) Long Jump & (1.50m) High Jump; SW Sara Davies (9.61) 60m; U11B Blake Williams (9.19) 60m; U13B Oliver Clarkson (8.62) 60m; U15B Charlie Holland (7.53) 60m; SM Ioan Jenkins (1.75m) High Jump; U11G Sophie Taylor (3.19m) Long Jump; U15B Joseff Lewis (7.93m) Triple Jump; U17M Jack Spiller (11.04m) Triple Jump; U20M Tom Bond (11.10m) Triple Jump; U17W Charlotte Campion (10.51m) Triple Jump; U13B Max Thomas (1.80m) Pole Vault & (1.25m) High Jump; U15B William Trott (3.10m) Pole Vault; U13G Holly Guite (2.00m) Pole Vault; U15G Elin Murphy (2.30m) Pole Vault; U11B Oliver Patterson (3.66) Long Jump; U13B Oliver Clarkson (4.20m) Long Jump; U17M Sam Fenwick (3.30m) Pole Vault; U20M Ieuan Hosgood (3.70m) Pole Vault; U17W Evie Lawrence (2.70m) Pole Vault; U20W Caitlin Ward (2.50m) Pole Vault; U17M Thomas Payne (5.83m) Long Jump; SM Roderick Davies (4.09m) Long Jump; U17W India Collinson (4.82m) Long Jump; U20W Josie Sivak (5.02m) Long Jump; U17W Jamie Holland (11.05m) Shot; U20W Rhian Evans (10.45m) Shot; U15B Oscar Dunn (11.54m) Shot and U13B Daniel Erdei (7.60m) Shot.
SILVER U20W Josie Sivak (9.37) 60m Hurdles & (9.97m) Shot; U13B Matt Gudgeon (11.65) 60m Hurdles; U15G Freya Morgan (9.79) 60m Hurdles; U15B Harvey James (9.07) 60m Hurdles; SM George Tagoe (7.87) 60m; U11G Sophie Taylor (9.59) 60m; U11B Finn Macintyre (9.35) 60m; U13B Jacob Evans (8.96) 60m; U20W Mia Evans (7.98) 60m; U11G Matilda Quick (3.03m) Long Jump; U17W Phoebe Davies (7.85m) Triple Jump; U13B Dafydd King (1.70m) Pole Vault; U15B Noah Osborne (3.00m) Pole Vault; U13G Rebekah Pratt (1.80m) Pole Vault; U15G Millie Carter (2.20m) Pole Vault; U15B Ben Ludbrook (3.92m) Long Jump; U11B Finn McIntyre (3.49m) Long Jump; U13G Ruby Jones (1.25m) High Jump; U13B David Emijofor (4.08m) Long Jump; U13B Christian Stones (1.25m) High Jump; U17M Iwan Slade (3.20m) Pole Vault; U20M Ben Woodnutt (3.40m) Pole Vault; U17W Tiana Evans (4.78m) Long Jump; U15G Freya Morgan (1.40m) High Jump; U13G Megan Gwyther (4.22m) Long Jump; U15B Joseph Beresford (1.50m) High Jump; SW Catherine Collins (6.37m) Shot; U17M Tristan James (11.62m) Shot; U11B Theo Oshisanya (5.12m) Shot; U15B Harvey James (8.57m) Shot; U13G Jessica Wilcock (6.54m) Shot; U13B David Ejimofor (7.01m) Shot and U15G Carys Dickinson (9.07m) Shot.
BRONZE U13G Sarah Lyons (10.46) 60m Hurdles; U15B Joshua Kenny (9.77) 60m Hurdles; SM Roderick Davies (9.15) 60m; U11B Lewis Evans (9.55) 60m; U13B David Ejimfor (9.12) 60m; U15G Georgia Wilson (8.54) 60m; U15B Sam Petherbridge (7.62) 60m; U17M George Dun (7.57) 60m; U11G Grace Key (2.95m) Long Jump; U20W Georgia Milza (8.79m) Triple Jump; U13B Harry Newton (1.60m) Pole Vault; U13G Marney Allen (1.70m) Pole Vault; U11B Callum Jones (3.44m) Long Jump; U13G Holly Guite (1.25m) High Jump; U13B Conor O’Shaughessy (3.63m) Long Jump; U13B Thomas Whitehouse (1.25m) High Jump; U20W Seren Wyatt (4.69m) Long Jump; U15G Carys Poole (1.35m) High Jump; U15B Samuel Davies (1.40m) High Jump; U17W Sally Hopkins (9.70m) Shot; U11B Oliver Patterson (5.04m) Shot; U15B Sam Petherbridge (7.75m) Shot; U13G Ellie Bond (6.49m) Shot; Thomas Gorvett (6.09m) Shot and U15G Neve Bowen (8.88m) Shot.
Sunday 21st January was the Vault Cardiff Indoor Athletics, where most of our vaulters were in action with some of the best vaulters in the UK. Highlights included overall top performances in each age group from:
SM Glyn Price (3.92m); U20M Ieuan Hosgood (3.82m); U17M Sam Fenwick (3.42m); Noah Osborne (3.22m) and U13B Max Thomas (1.82m).
SW Jade Brewster (3.42m); U17W Evie Lawrence (2.72m); U15G Elin Murphy (2.42m) and U13G Holli Guite (1.92m).
Very well done to everyone, click here for the full results.
Sunday 21st January was the rearranged Christmas Pudding 10K Merthyr Mawr, Muti Terrain Race. Over an exceptionally challenging course including the "big dipper" sand dune. In the Men first home for the club was 4th Will Munday (47.30) followed home by; 22nd Craig Jones (55.09) and 44th Heath Brett (59.40). 
In the women Rebecca Bennett was 9th (58.57) and Catherina Rennie 10th (61.04).
Meanwhile elsewhere . . . . . . . . SW Risqat Fabunmi-Alade moves all the way up to an excellent 3rd on the UK rankings to date over 60m with a time of (7.35) set in Lee Valley, London on 13th January.