Results Round Up From Swansea, Cardiff & Pontrhydyfen

The weekend of Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd January saw a record entry of over 300 athletes participate at the West Wales Indoor Athletics Championships at Swansea University. It was great to see so many Swansea Harriers athletes and volunteers there. With such a large proportion of the entries being from Swansea there was sure to be an awful lot of medals won, and so it proved:
3 GOLD Olivia Mackey (9.66) 60m & (3.02m) Long Jump and Mackenzy Beard (4.85m) Shot.
2 SILVER  Mackenzy Beard (3.01m) Long Jump and Zoe Button (4.48m) Shot.
3 BRONZE Mackenzy Beard (9.92) 60m; Liane Do Rouys (2.95m) Long Jump and Grace Webb (4.26m) Shot. 
2 GOLD Harry Collins (3.39m) Long Jump and Nathaniel Osborne (4.93m) Shot.
2 SILVER Reuben De Vall (9.46) 60m & (3.33m) Long Jump.
2 BRONZE Drew Dodd (3.16m) Long Jump and Dylan Stapley (4.48m) Shot.
1 GOLD Millie Carter (1.80m) Pole Vault.
4 SILVER Freya Morgan (10.64) 60m Hurdles; Melissa Davies (1.20m) High Jump; Leni Beard (1.80m) Pole Vault and Honey Barrett (6.18m) Shot.
5 BRONZE Megan Gwyther (11.37) 60m Hurdles & (1.20m) High Jump; Holli Guite (1.60m) Pole Vault; Leni Beard (3.81m) Long Jump and Ffion Hennessy (6.06m) Shot.
3 GOLD Josh Kenny (8.71) 60m; William Trott (2.40m) Pole Vault and Samuel Davies (4.18m) Long Jump.
5 SILVER Dylan Morgan (8.81) 60m; Zac Davies (10.70) 60m Hurdles & (6.47m) Shot; Luke Baker (2.00m) Pole Vault and Dylan Morgan (4.07m) Long Jump.
5 BRONZE Oliver Clarkson (8.87) 60m; Jayden Foxworthy (12.59) 60m Hurdles; Samuel Davies (1.35m) High Jump; Elliot Riordan (2.00m) Pole Vault and Thomas Gorvett (4.76m) Shot.
4 GOLD Danai Mugabe (8.09) 60m; Eleanor Ward (2.00m) Pole Vault; Carys Poole (4.58m) Long Jump and Jamie Holland (10.21m) Shot.
4 SILVER Carys Poole (9.98) 60m Hurdles; Brooke Castle (1.40m) High Jump; Elin Murphy (1.90m) Pole Vault and Sally Hopkins (9.67m) Shot.
4 BRONZE Jamie Holland (10.61) 60m Hurdles; Emily Collins (1.70m) Pole Vault & (8.73m) Shot and Tiana Evans (4.29m) Long Jump.
7 GOLD Thomas Payne (7.65) 60m & (5.15m) Long Jump; Sam Petherbridge (10.09) 60m Hurdles; George Dun (1.60m) High Jump & (11.75m) Shot; Noah Osborne (2.50m) Pole Vault and Rhidian Jenkins (9.77m) Triple Jump.
6 SILVER George Dun (7.66) 60m; Owain Clarke (10.10) 60m Hurdles; Rhidian Jenkins (1.45m) High Jump & (4.84m) Long Jump; Dylan Ward (2.50m) Pole Vault and Aron Williams (10.01m) Shot. 
6 BRONZE Kyle Rees (7.87) 60m; Evan Willis (11.73) 60m Hurdles; Sam Petherbridge (1.40m) High Jump & (4.35m) Long Jump; Dylan King (2.50m) Pole Vault and Oscar Dun (9.35m) Shot.
3 GOLD Holli Evans (8.13) 60m; Caitlin Ward (2.20m) Pole Vault and Charlotte Campion (9.84m) Triple Jump.
6 SILVER Josie Sivak (9.45) 60m Hurdles & (1.45m) High Jump & (4.76m) Long Jump & (10.84m) Shot; Nell Davies (2.10m) Pole Vault and Georgia Milza (8.63m) Triple Jump.  
5 BRONZE Lydia Hannaford (1.45m) High Jump; Shannon Thomas (1.70m) Pole Vault; Seren Wyatt (4.66m) Long Jump; Alannah Clark (7.94m) Triple Jump and Eleanor Jones (7.53m) Shot.
4 GOLD Tomos Slade (8.56) 60m Hurdles; Ieuan Hosgood (3.30m) Pole Vault and Jack Spiller (5.44m) Long Jump & (11.73m) Triple Jump.
5 SILVER Ollie Winchester (7.52) 60m; Tyler Cook (8.80) 60m Hurdles; Tomos Slade (1.70m) High Jump; Ben Woodnut (3.20m) Pole Vault  and Tom Bond (10.68m) Triple Jump.
3 BRONZE Sam Fenwick (3.00m) Pole Vault; Jack Bowen (10.42m) Triple Jump and Yazan Hammouda (8.48m) Shot.
1 GOLD Mia Evans (9.39) 60m Hurdles.
2 SILVER Felicity Church (4.80m) Long Jump and Tybie Newby-Chugg (9.11m) Triple Jump.
1 BRONZE Olivia Maynard (8.62) 60m. 
5 GOLD Ioan Jenkins (1.81m) High Jump; Scott Morgan (3.00m) Pole Vault; Osaze Aghedo (6.27m) Long Jump & (14.26m) Triple Jump and Michael Thompson (10.88m) Shot. 
3 SILVER Joe Crosby (7.25) 60m; Michael Thompson (1.65m) High Jump & (6.25m) Long Jump and Elliot Webber (11.71m) Triple Jump.
2 BRONZE Michael Thompson (7.42) 60m and Joe Crosby (5.90m) Long Jump.
5 GOLD Katie Phillips (8.90) 60m & (1.20m) High Jump & (9.43m) Triple Jump; Imelda Morrisson (5.56m) Long Jump and Awen Rosser (12.08m) Shot. 
2 SILVER Rachel Davies (9.20) 60m and Catherine Collins (3.12m) Long Jump.
1 BRONZE Sara Davies (9.61) 60m.
2 GOLD Robin Wood (4.79m) Long Jump and Keiran Ingram (8.59m) Shot.
1 SILVER Robin Wood (10.23m) Triple Jump.
1 BRONZE Roderick Davies (3.90m) Long Jump.
Very many congratulations to all those who took part, and special thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their free time over two long days to make the event possible. Click here for the full results.
Sunday 22nd January was round 4 of the British Athletics Cross Challenge held at Cardiff incorporating an U17, U20 & U23 Celtic International held in IAAF age groups, hence one or two of your members running out of their usual age group, depending on their date of birth. Whilst most of the club were tucked up indoors with the heaters on full blast at Swansea, our more hardy members were braving the cold at Cardiff! There were many great performances including a magnificent 1 2 in the Senior Men with Dewi Griffiths crossing the line in (32.58) with team mate Kristian Jones not far behind in (33.11) following them home were 22nd Matthew Rees; 25th Jack Gooch and 49th James Dean.
SW Verity Ockenden had a magnificent run too for 2nd; she was followed home by Alaw Beynon-Thomas in 14th; Kate Roberts in 19th and Jemmima Osborn in 34th.
U20M Elliot Lawrence was 19th out of age group representing Wales.
U17M Nathan Jones representing Wales was 25th; Martin Powell 46th and Francis Lewis 62nd.
U17W Caitlin Gwyther also representing Wales was 21st, as for Elliot in age group above her usual.
U15G Having great runs to break into the top 10 were 7th Ashleigh Willis and 8th Mollie Jones; Eluned King was just outside in 11th and Darcie Bass was 23rd.
U13G Tiffany Rees finished 35th.
U11B Dafydd King was 16th
U11G Mai Davies finished 25th.
Very many congratulations to them all, where they were up against many of the UKs top off track runners. Click here for the full results.
Sunday 22nd January was the Buff Trail 10K Multi Terrain race held in Pontrhydefen. Over a very challenging course Eamonn Kirk came home first in (39.43) to take the podium spot and in 3rd was Raul Reismann (41.09) and Heath Brett was 31st (47.39). In the ladies Felicity Elliott was the 3rd female overall, taking her place on the podium in (48.11) and Vanessa Harrigan was 25th (54.34). Well done to the all on some great runs. Click here for the full results.