Results Round Up From Swansea, Neath, Cardiff & Elsewhere

Thursday 10th May was the Paul Popham 5K series at Swansea where there was another great turnout of 15 runners. Our first five men and women home were:
Men: 5th Craig Jones (17.35); 6th Daniel Newton (17.50); 10th Ryan Govier all having strong runs to break into the top 10, they were followed across the line by 13th Daniel Otteson (19.03) and 20th Joe Tucker (18.38).
Women: Hannah Munday had a superb run for victory to be the first lady home across all clubs in a time of (19.06); backing her up were 5th Helen-Marie Davies (20.29); 6th Megan Clements (21.54); 7th Nina Brocklebank (21.55) and 8th Christine Webb (22.17) all of whom having strong runs for top 10 placings. Very well done to everyone from the club who took part. Click here for the full results.
Friday 10th May was the Swansea Harriers School Year 7 Trophy Match held in very wet weather at home in Swansea. There was a great turnout of 10 schools despite the poor weather conditions. Our thanks to all the PE teachers who brought teams and to all the volunteers who helped out on the evening from the club. We are awaiting the final results and these will hopefully be made available in next weeks results round up.
Saturday 12th May were the joint South & East Wales Regional Athletics Championships where some of our members who reside or were born were taking part (Swansea is the West Wales Region). Highlights included medal winning performnces from: U17W Macey Morris (40.46) 300m GOLD; U17W Isabel Davies (42.15) 300m SILVER; U20W Armani Williams (60.12) 400m GOLD; SM Daniel Williams (1.60m) High Jump SILVER; SW Samantha Gamble (13.03) 100m GOLD and SW Sian Swanson (11.47m) Triple Jump GOLD. Click here for the full results
Sunday 13th May was the West Wales Regional Athletics Championships at Neath, the club had a entry of over 150 athletes which was superb, the weather was kind to the host club Neath Harriers who did a great job hosting the event. With such a large turnout from the club there were many, many personal bests and medals won which was fantastic, with the only catch that it’s a very long list for you to read!! Highlights including medal winning performances from:
GOLD U20M Eli Onyewu (11.64) 100m & (23.26) 200m; U13 Harrison Garcia (13.52) 100m & (28.42) 200m; U20W Mia Evans (12.95) 100m & (26.78) 200m; U13G Chloe Simmonite (13.39) 100m & (28.33) 200m; U15B Charlie Holland (24.00) 200m & (2.01.66) 800m this also beat his own all time U15B club record, well done Charlie!; SW Sara Davies (32.88) 200m; U15B Owain Clarke (42.54) 300m & (12.43) 80m Hurdles; SM Charles Walsh (64.72) 400m; U17W Darcie Bass (2.25.59) 800m; SW Rachel Davies (2.29.18) 800m; U15G Abbie Hall (2.32.98) 800m; U13B Matt Gudgeon (5.13.91) 1500m & (14.92) 75m Hurdles; SW Vicky Jackson (4.53.09) 1500m; SW Abigayle Goodrick-Latham (11.07.38) 3000m; U13G Katelyn Thomas (11.51) 70m Hurdles & (1.35m) High Jump; U15G Freya Morgan (12.76) 75m Hurdles & (1.35m) High Jump; U20W Megan Stratton-Thomas (4.42.04) 1000m Walk; U13G Abigail Howells (7.08.77) 1000m Walk; U20M Iwan Beggs (1.85m) High Jump; U15B Samuel Davies (1.55m) High Jump; U13B Thomas Whitehouse (1.25m) High Jump; U20M Ieuan Hosgood (4.00m) Pole Vault; U17M Sam Fenwick (3.70m) Pole Vault; U15B William Trott (3.45m) Pole Vault; U13B Max Thomas (2.00m) Pole Vault; U17W Evie Lawrence (3.10m) Pole Vault; U15G Elin Murphy (2.60m) Pole Vault; U13G Holly Guite (2.20m) Pole Vault; SM Robin Wood (4.47m) Long Jump; U17M Thomas Payne (5.46m) Long Jump; U13B Conor O'Shaughnessy (4.05m) Long Jump; U20W Seren Wyatt (4.75m) Long Jump; U17W India Collinson (4.99m) Long Jump; U13G Sarah Lyons (4.44m) Long Jump; U15B Joseff Lewis (8.82m) Triple Jump; SW Katie Phillips (10.25m) Triple Jump; U17W Charlotte Campion (10.14m) Triple Jump; U20M Michael Thompson (11.31m) Shot; U13B Macsen Holland (8.71m) Shot & (20.39m) Discus; U13G Lily Ford (7.64m) Shot; U15B Oscar Dun (30.15m) Discus & (24.66m) Hammer; U17W Holly Cooper (29.82m) Discus; U15G Neve Bowen (26.26m) Discus; SM David Jones (10.34m) Hammer;  U15G Emily Collins (26.16m) Hammer; SM Nathan James (69.59m) Javelin; U17M Ethan Rigby (43.20m) Javelin; U15G Chloe Jones (26.35m) Javelin and U13B Thomas Gorvett (29.89m) Javelin.
SILVER U17M Cameron Ciaburri (11.53) 100m; U15B Sam Petherbridge (12.01) 100m & (24.19) 200m; U13B Oliver Clarkson (13.51) 100m & (4.02m) Long Jump; U17W India Collinson (13.93) 100m; U15G Georgia Wilson (13.41) 100m & (28.24) 200m; U13 Christian Garcia (29.36) 200m; SW Sara Davies (78.44) 400m; SM Charles Walsh (2.24.61) 800m; SW Gemma Seaman (2.30.95) 800m; U15G Ella Davies (5.23.57) 1500m; SW Abigayle Goodrick-Latham (5.10.73) 1500m; SM Daniel Morgan (10.02.02) 3000m; SW Sharon Leech (11.30.01) 3000m; U13G Megan Gwyther (11.57) 70m Hurdles; U15G Emily Collins (14.84) 75m Hurdles; U15B Sam Petherbridge (12.44) 80m Hurdles; U17W Shannon Thomas (5.37.15) 1000m Walk; U15G Freya Gemine (6.42.49) 1000m Walk; SM Ioan Jenkins (1.75m) High Jump; U20M Michael Thompson (1.70m) High Jump & (6.18m) Long Jump & (30.36m) Discus; U15B Elliot Riordan (1.45m) High Jump; U13B Thomas Gorvett (1.25m) High Jump; U15G Iona Melrose (1.35m) High Jump & (4.26m) Long Jump; U13G Holly Guite (1.30m) High Jump; U20M Ben Woodnutt (3.70m) Pole Vault; U17M Iwan Slade (3.50m) Pole Vault; U15B Joseff Lewis (1.90m) Pole Vault; U13B Harry Newton (1.90m) Pole Vault; U15G Millie Carter (2.60m) Pole Vault; U13G Rebekah Pratt (1.90m) Pole Vault; SM Roderick Davies (3.85m) Long Jump; U15B Dylan Morgan (5.36m) Long Jump; U15B Samuel Davies (8.80m) Triple Jump; U15B Oscar Dun (11.30m) Shot; U17W Jamie Holland (10.98m) Shot & (36.60m) Javelin; U15G Carys Dickinson (8.71m) Shot; U13G Isla Melrose (7.23m) Shot; U17M Joshua Wilton (33.98m) Discus; U15B Fiachra Tobin (25.62m) Discus; U13B Conor O'Shaughnessy (15.62m) Discus; U17W Sally Hopkins (18.10m) Discus; U15G Summer Stuart-Low (22.20m) Discus; U13G Lucy Harris (17.67m) Discus; SW Renate Prells (24.54m) Hammer; U17W Lara Spacey (40.82m) Hammer; U15G Elinor Ward (20.23m) Hammer; U17M Joshua Wilton (42.69m) Javelin and U13B Nathan Jones (16.62m) Javelin.
BRONZE U17M Thomas Payne (11.60) 100m; U15B Harvey James (12.11) 100m & (9.81m) Shot; U13B Christian Garcia (14.10) 100m; U13G Katelyn Thomas (13.64) 100m; U13B Jacob Evans (29.88) 200m; U17W Eve Bevan (47.21) 300m; U15G Gabrielle Garcia (45.56) 300m; U17M Dewi Williams (58.72) 400m; U13B Reuben De Vall (2.39.84) 800m & (3.94m) Long Jump; SW Llinos Jones (2.33.75) 800m & (5.16.67) 1500m; U13G Carys Hennessey (2.46.83) 800m; SM Charles Walsh (10.35.81) 3000m; U13B Dafydd King (16.07) 75m Hurdles & (1.70m) Pole Vault; U15B Zac Davies (12.76) 80m Hurdles & (4.89m) Long Jump; U13B Harrison Garcia (1.20m) High Jump; U13G Ruby Jones (1.30m) High Jump; U15B Alex Hambleton (1.70m) Pole Vault; U13G Katie Lake (1.80m) Pole Vault; U17W Grace Thomas (4.58m) Long Jump; U15G Emily Collins (4.14m) Long Jump; U13G Chloe Simmonite (4.10m) Long Jump; SW Catherine Collins (6.93m) Shot; U13B Nathan Jones (5.71m) Shot & (13.44m) Discus; U17W Sally Hopkins (9.64m) Shot; U15G Chloe Jones (8.64m) Shot & (19.04m) Discus; U13G Jessica Wilcock (7.02m) Shot; SW Renate Prells (19.53m) Discus; U17W Shannon Thomas (17.38m) Discus; U13G Lily Ford (17.10m) Discus; U15G Chelsey Thomas (15.81m) Hammer; SM Chris Pruski (29.78m) Javelin; U17W Tiana Evans (24.86m) Javelin and U13B Tilo Dietzig (12.32m) Javelin.
Wednesday 16th May was the Welsh Athletics Run With The Wind 100m & 200m open meeting at Cardiff. As the title suggests the aim is to aid quick times with following winds, unfortunately the winds were a bit too strong and were over the 2.00mps UKA rule wind speed limit, making times illegal, nevertheless there were many great runs, our quickest in each age group were:
100m: SM Daniel Beadsley (10.57); U15B Sam Petherbridge (11.74) and SW Mia Evans (12.79).
200m SM Rhys Granville & Marcus Bayona-Martinez both (22.61); U15B Sam Petherbridge (23.71) and SW Elinor Jones (26.81).
Meanwhile elsewhere . . . . . . SM Richard Tremblen runs (11.3) 100m in Gloucester and SW Laura Maddox runs a world class time over 800m in Manchester (2.03.86).