Results Round Up From Swansea, Solihull, Brecon & Carmarthen

Wednesday 10th May was the Apollo Teaching Services Afan Nedd Tawe U15, U17 & U20 Schools & Colleges Athletics Championships at Swansea University. The weather and turnout from schools were both excellent. Many Thanks to all the staff who entered teams and helped our volunteer judges make the event possible. It was a very successful day with 13 all time championship records broken and another 2 equalled! Junior Boys: Thomas Payne, Bishopston (5.61m) Long Jump and Charlie Holland, Bishopston (38.7) 300m. Middle Boys: Tom Slade, Cwmtawe (13.6) 100m Hurdles and Tom Hanson, Dyffryn (14.10m) Shot. Senior Boys: Joseph Brier, Ystalyfera (48.7) 400m; Gower College (43.9) 4 x 100m; Ceirion Hopkins, Ystalyfera (6.75m) Long Jump and Osaze Aghedo, Bishop Vaughan (14.47m) Triple Jump. Junior Girls: Carys Poole, Gwyr (11.8) 75m Hurdles = record; Jamie Holland, Gwyr (10.74m) Shot; Carys Poole, Gywr (5.04m) Long Jump = record and Emma Hames, Dwr Y Felin (37.63m) Hammer. Middle Girls: Bethany Moule, Dwr Y Felin (42.98m) Javelin; Charlotte Campion, Olchfa (10.33m) Triple Jump and Lauryn Davey, Gower College (10.94m) Triple Jump.
The team winners were: Junior Girls Gwyr; Middle Girls Gwyr; Senior Girls Gower College; Junior Boys Bishopston; Middle Boys Gwyr and Senior Boys Gower College. Very many thanks and congratulations to all those who attended, click here for the full team and individual results and thanks to Jo Davis for typing them all up! ANT CHAMPS RESULTS 10.05.17.xlsx
Saturday 13th May was the British Milers Club grand prix at Solihull where in the 1500m fast times were set by SM Jonathan Hopkins (3.50.40); SM Jack Gooch (3.51.38); SM Paul Tobin (3.55.28) and U17W Mollie Jones ran (2.18..19) for 800m.
Sunday 14th May was the South & East Wales Athletics Championships at Brecon where there a number of Swansea Harriers taking part who are based outside of West Wales, medals were won by; SW Katie-Jane Priest (12.31) 100m SILVER and (25.25) 200m GOLD; U17M Steffan Jones (23.75) 200m BRONZE & (54.60) 400m SILVER; SM Daniel Williams (1.65m) High Jump SILVER; SW Sian Swanson (5.41m) Long Jump GOLD & (11.43m) Triple Jump GOLD and U17M Henry Gaunlett (50.05m) Javelin. Very well done to them all, click for the full results. 
Sunday 14th May were the West Wales Athletics Championships held at Carmarthen, there was an average turnout from the club considering how many juniors are active on club nights, however what we lacked in quantity we more than made up for in quality with very many medal winning performances coming from:
GOLD U20W Megan Stratton-Thomas (4.44.08) 1000m Walk; U15G Maddie Draycott (5.32.17) 1000m Walk; SM Nathan Phillips (59.84) 400m Hurdles; SW Donna Jones (1.06.76) 400m Hurdles; U20W Ffion Jenkins (1.14.76) 400m Hurdles; U17W Ellie D’Auria (50.69) 300m Hurdles; U13G Ella Davies (2.29.78) 800m; U15B Charlie Holland (2.07.33) 800m; U17W Rebecca Martin (2.27.12) 800m; U15B Thomas Payne (12.17) 100m & (25.54) 200m & (5.48m) Long Jump; U20W Mia Evans (13.17) 100m & (16.01) 100m Hurdles; U20M Joe Crosby (11.78) 100m; SM Rhys Granville (11.84) 100m, (23.87) 200m & (50.67) 400m; U20M Michael Thompson (16.64) 110m Hurdles & (10.47m) Shot; U17M Tomos Slade (13.93) 100m Hurdles & (23.16) 200m; U15B Sam Petherbridge (13.17) 80m Hurdles; U13B Zac Davies (13.42) 75m Hurdles; U13G Mai Davies (5.37.79) 1500m; U15G Ashleigh Willis (4.59.45) 1500m; U13B Joshua Kenny (13.89) 100m & (28.89) 200m; U15G Danai Mugabe (13.20) 100m; U20W Eira James (1.03.08) 400m; U17W Amber Evans (45.18) 300m; U15G Carys Poole (12.10) 75m Hurdles & (4.98m) Long Jump; SW Abigayle Goodrick-Latham (5.24.93) 1500m; U17W Holli Evans (26.46) 200m; U20M Callum Davies (22.61) 200m; U17M Francis Lewis (5.11.37) 1500m Steeplechase; SM David Jones (12.79m) Hammer; U13G Millie Carter (2.00m) Pole Vault; U13B William Trott (2.70m) Pole Vault and a new all time club record!!!; U15G Emily Collins (1.80m) Pole Vault; U15B Noah Osborne (2.70m) Pole Vault; U13G Chloe Jones (27.83m) Javelin, (20.63m) Discus & (8.32m) Shot; U15G Jamie Holland (31.82m) Javelin; U17W Lara Spacey (44.50m) Hammer and an all time club best!!!; SM Roderick Davies (4.07m) Long Jump; U20W Danielle Jones (23.61m) Javelin; U13B Samuel Davies (1.55m) High Jump & (4.47m) Long Jump; U15B George Dun (1.63m) High Jump; U17M Ieuan Hosgood (3.50m) Pole Vault; SM Peter Roberts (10.11m) Shot & (33.16m) Discus; SW Catherine Collins (2.73m) Long Jump; U20M Nathan James (60.10m) Javelin; U15G Marnie Musgrave (1.55m) High Jump; U15B George Dun (11.24m) Shot; SW Awen Rosser (41.55m) Discus & (12.79m) Shot; U17M Iwan Beggs (1.80m) High Jump; U17W Charlotte Campion (10.39m) Triple Jump; SW Katie Phillips (10.00m) Triple Jump; U15B Joshua Wilton (36.63m) Javelin; U17W Rhian Evans (11.57m) Shot; U15B Rhidian Jenkins (9.67m) Triple Jump; U20M Osaze Aghedo (14.50m) Triple Jump and U15G Holly Cooper (28.39m) Discus.
SILVER U13G Scarlett Lewis (6.33.6) 1000m Walk; U17W 300m Hurdles (52.78) 300m Hurdles; U13B Christian Garcia (2.37.19) 800m; U17W Hollie-May Allen (2.35.11) 800m; U15B George Dun (12.74) 100m; U17W Holli Evans (13.09) 100m; U15B Owain Clarke (15.95) 80m Hurdles; U13G Freya Morgan (12.39) 70m Hurdles; U15G Darcie Bass (5.13.58) 1500m; Eli Onyewu (11.55) 100m & (23.62) 200m; U17M Ieuan Nichollas (58.38) 400m; U15B Charlie Holland (38.09) 300m; U15B Kyle Rees (26.30) 200m; U17W Caitlin Hier (27.82) 200m; SW Sara Davies (33.25) 200m; U17M Nathan Jones (4.22.17) 1500m; Elliot Riordan (28.98) 200m, (1.45m) High Jump & (1.90m) Pole Vault; U15G Danai Mugabe (29.17) 200m; U13G Leni Beard (1.90m) Pole Vault; U15B Dylan King (2.40m) Pole Vault; U15G Tiana Evans (31.17m) Javelin; U15G Holly Cooper (27.83m) Hammer; U17W Ffion Berrell (38.73m) Hammer; U20W Danielle Jones (20.20m) Hammer & (15.39m) Discus; SW Renate Prells (25.67m) Hammer; U17M Iwan Beggs (5.76m) Long Jump; U20M Michael Thompson (6.05m) Long Jump & (30.18) Discus; U17W Rhian Evans (38.09m) Javelin & (33.65m) Discus; U17M Sam Fenwick (2.80m) Pole Vault; U17M Brynmor Clements (12.16m) Shot & (36.08m) Discus; U13B Macsen Holland (14.87m) Discus; U15B Joshua Wilton (28.24m) Discus; U17W Grace Thomas (4.38m) Long Jump; SW Daphne Marler (1.95m) Long Jump; U17M Joseph Moyse (41.65m) Javelin; SM Chris Pruski (31.96m) Javelin; U13B Oliver Clarkson (4.17m) Long Jump; U13G Shanya Bray-Davies (1.20m) High Jump; U15B Oscar Dun (8.77m) Shot; SW Nina Prells (33.34m) Discus; U15G Neve Bowen (8.89m) Shot & (25.31m) Discus; U17M Tomos Slade (1.75m) High Jump; U20M Ioan Jenkins (1.80m) High Jump; U17W Georgia Milza (8.67m) Triple Jump; U13B Thomas Gorvett (19.60m) Javelin and U13G Ffion Henessey (17.53m) Discus.
BRONZE U13G Abbie Hall (2.45.09) 800m; U13B Harley Gleeson (2.47.32) 800m; U15B Sam Petherbridge (12.76) 100m & (26.70) 200m; U17W Caitlin Hier (13.49) 100m; SM Roderick Davies (15.57) 100m; U13G Megan Gwyther (13.38) 70m Hurdles; U13B Samuel Davies (15.00) 75m Hurdles; U13B Vamsi Muddada (14.86) 100m; U17M Cameron Ciaburri (12.01) 100m; SW Sara Davies (1.17.93) 400m; U15B Rhidian Jenkins (44.07) 300m; U17M Ben Petherbridge (24.89) 200m; U20M Joe Crosby (24.08) 200m & (5.74m) Long Jump; SM Paul Flynn (4.58.30) 1500m; U13G Ella Davies (30.11) 200m; U15B Dylan Ward (2.40m) Pole Vault; U13G Honey Barrett (18.87m) Javelin & (7.01m) Shot; U15G Elin van Block (24.10m) Javelin; U15G Emily Collins (20.99m) Hammer; U13B Harrison Garcia (1.20m) High Jump; U17M Steffan Jones (2.70m) Pole Vault; U15G Tiana Evans (4.60m) Long Jump; U17M Yazan Hammouda (8.62m) Shot; U13B Nathan Jones (13.79m) Discus & (18.36m) Javelin; U15B Oscar Dunn (24.22m) Discus; U20M Michael Thompson (36.74m) Javelin; U13B Joshua Kenny (4.09m) Long Jump; U15G Brooke Castle (1.40m) High Jump; U13B Macsen Holland (6.90m) Shot; U15B Harrison Dale (7.91m) Shot; U15B Noah Osborne (4.56m) Long Jump; U15G Holly Cooper (8.83m) Shot; U17W Alannah Clarke (8.40m) Triple Jump; SW Nina Prells (9.24m) Shot and U13G Honey Barrett (16.84m) Discus.
The club would also like to thank all those volunteers from all West Wales clubs who once again sacrificed their time over a very long day to make the event happen which it would not without their support. Click here for the full results.