Results Round Up From Swansea x 2 & Elsewhere

Before we summarize the athletes performances over the last week, the most thanks and respect must go to all the volunteers and officials in the club that helped out over the weekend, after being placed in very challenging scenario of hosting two major events back to back. Several of them put in in excess of 30 hours of their time in preparation and take down inclusive of the weekends competitions. We hope that you are all very grateful for their efforts!

Saturday 11th May saw the West Wales Regional Championships held at Swansea, there were 300 entries of which 180 were from Swansea. It was fantastic to see such a large entry from the club, especially in the U20 & Senior age groups this year. The day ran very smoothly thanks of course to all the fantastic officials and other volunteers from all the clubs involved. There were medal winning performnces from:

GOLD: SM Chai Chai (11.6) 100m & (24.5) 200m;  U17M Thomas Payne (11.5) 100m & (22.9) 200m; SW Nia Palla (12.9) 100m & (15.8) 100m Hurdles; U17W Danai Mugabe (12.7) 100m & (27.6) 200m; U13G Ffion Clarke (13.6) 100m & (28.2) 200m; Evan Morris (28.3) 200m; SW Elinor Jones (27.1) 200m; U15B Harrison Garcia (44.0) 300m; SM David Migliorati N'Doua (51.)9 400m; U15G Mai Davies (5.13.1) 1500m; SM Gabrielius Stuokus (4.56.2) 1500m; SW Abigayle Goodrick-Latham (4.49.7) 1500m & (10.30.3) 3000m; U17M Iwan White (10.24.2) 3000m; U13G Bethan Holley (13.1) 70m Hurdles & (3.82m) Long Jump; U13B Reuben De Vall (14.0) 75m Hurdles; U15G Freya Morgan (11.6) 75m Hurdles; U15B Christian Stones (15.4) 80m Hurdles; U17W Emily Collins (13.4) 80m Hurdles; U20M Tomos Slade (14.2) 110m Hurdles and a championship record!; SM Nathan Phillips (58.8) 400m Hurdles; U17M Owain Clarke (60.8) 400m Hurdles; SM Daniel Morgan (7.14.1) 2000m Steeplechase; U20M Iwan Beggs (1.85m) High Jump; U17M Addam Bowling (1.70m) High Jump; U13B Thomas Whitehouse (1.40m) High Jump; U13G Matilda Quick (1.35m) High Jump; U15B William Trott (3.90m) Pole Vault and a championship record!; U15G Millie Carter (2.90m) Pole Vault and a championship record!; U13G Marney Allen (1.80m) Pole Vault; U20M Ieuan Hosgood (4.01m) Pole Vault and a championship record!; U17M Noah Osborne (3.20m) Pole Vault; SW Jessica Dunrod (2.60m) Pole Vault; SM Robin Wood (4.57m) Long Jump; U15B Dylan Morgan (5.36m) Long Jump & (10.83m) Triple Jump; U15G Sarah Lyons (4.91m) Long Jump; U20W Charlotte Campion (10.73m) Triple Jump; U15G Shanya Bray-Davies (8.70m) Triple Jump; U17M George Dun (12.60m) Shot; U20W Rhian Evans (10.54m) Shot & (30.01m) Discus; U13B Oliver Patterson (7.40m) Shot; U17W Jamie Holland (11.53m) Shot & (37.84m) Javelin; U15G Chloe Jones (9.63m) Shot & (26.49m) Hammer; U13G Lily Ford (8.60m) Shot & (22.05m) Discus;  Theo Oshisanya (15.13m) Discus; U17W Holly Cooper (31.19m) Discus; SW Renate Prells (19.14m) Discus & (24.82m) Hammer; U15G Lucy Harris (22.74m) Discus; SM David Jones (11.06m) Hammer; U17M Oscar Dun (18.18m) Hammer; SM Nathan James (57.83m) Javelin; U17M Joshua Wilton (46.83m) Javelin; U20M Ethan Rigby (44.25m) Javelin; U15B Macsen Holland (34.72m) Javelin and U13B Lewie Jones (19.25m) Javelin. 

SILVER: U13B Drew Dodd (13.6) 100m & (4.37m) Long Jump; U20M Jack Houghton (23.8) 200m; U13B Jenson Morris (29.2) 200m; U17W Niamh Jones (44.3) 300m; U20M Dewi Williams (60.0) 400m; U17M Miles Hill (2.15.2) 800m; U13B Steffan Higgins (2.38.0) 800m; U15G Ella Davies (2.28.4) 800m; U13G Ella-May Thomas (2.50.1) 800m; U15B Aled Tumelty (4.54.8) 1500m; SM Gabrielius Stuokus (10.27.4) 3000m; U13G Zoe Strevens (13.2) 70m Hurdles; U17M Charlie Brown (14.1) 100m Hurdles; U17W Gabrielle Garcia (49.9) 300m Hurdles; SM Ioan Jenkins (1.65m) High Jump; U17M Carwyn Harry (1.55m) High Jump; U15B Samuel Davies (1.55m) High Jump; U15G Bethany Morgan (1.35m) High Jump; U13G Ruby Jones (1.35m) High Jump; U15B Joseff Lewis (2.70m) Pole Vault & (8.96m) Triple Jump; U15G Holly Guite (2.20m) Pole Vault; U13B Theo Oshisanya (1.90m) Pole Vault; U20M Sam Fenwick (2.15m) Pole Vault; U17M Oliver Trubey (4.70m) Long Jump; SM Roderick Davies (4.09m) Long Jump; U15B Ben Ludbrook (4.79m) Long Jump; U17W Tiana Evans (4.23m) Long Jump & (21.72m) Javelin; SW Daphne Marler (1.86m) Long Jump; U13G Olivia Stewart (3.82m) Long Jump; SM Robin Wood (9.84m) Triple Jump; U17W Pheobe Davies (9.40m) Triple Jump; U15G Olivia Key (8.53m) Triple Jump; SM Peter Roberts (10.54m) Shot & (34.23m) Discus; U17M Oscar Dun (12.40m) Shot; SW Catherine Collins (6.84m) Shot & (19.18m) Hammer; U13B Nathaniel Osborne (7.27m) Shot & 14.79m Discus; U17W Sally Hopkins (9.19m) Shot; U13G Matilda Quick (6.93m) Shot; U17M Joshua Wilton (39.14m) Discus; U15G Chloe Jones (21.83m) Discus & (28.04m) Javelin; U13G Madeline Abraham (10.64m) Discus; U20W Lara Spacey (38.62m) Hammer; U17W Emily Collins (30.29m) Hammer; SM Chris Pruski (26.55m) Javelin; U15B Thomas Gorvett (31.88m) Javelin; U20W Rhian Evans (29.67m) Javelin and U13G Carys Morgan (18.50m) Javelin.

BRONZE: U17M Evan Willis (12.3) 100m; U15B Josh Kenny (12.4) 100m; U13B Jenson Morris (13.7) 100m; U17W Molly Abraham (13.7) 100m; SM Rhys Samuel (25.6) 200m; U17M Jack Webster (26.5) 200m & (4.28m) Long Jump; U15B Freddie Webber (27.3) 200m & (4.65m) Long Jump; U17W Iona Melrose (46.1) 300m; U15G Chloe Simmonite (43.8) 300m; U15B Matt Gudgeon (2.28.9) 800m; U15G Tiffany Rees (2.33.9) 800m; U13G Sophie Hartley-Green (5.43.7) 1500m; SW Gemma Seaman (5.17.8) 1500m; U13B Harry Collins (15.1) 75m Hurdles; U15G Katelyn Thomas (12.1) 75m Hurdles; U17M Owain Clarke (15.0) 100m Hurdles; SM Steve Ingram (1.65m) High Jump; U15B Joseph Beresford (1.50m) High Jump; U13B James Gudgeon (1.15m) High Jump; U15G Holly Guite (1.35m) High Jump; U13G Liane Do Rouys (1.25m) High Jump; U15B Harry Newton & Dafydd King tied (2.40m) Pole Vault; U13B Finn McIntyre (1.90m) Pole Vault; U13B Evan Morris (3.96m) Long Jump; U17W Morgan Hapgood (4.14m) Long Jump & (8.43m) Triple Jump; U13G Zoe Strevens (3.80m) Long Jump; U15B Macsen Holland (8.61m) Shot; SW Renate Prells (6.21m) Shot; U13G Carys Morgan (6.89m) Shot; U17M Oscar Dun (29.74m) Discus; U15B Thomas Gorvett (20.92m) Discus; U13B Joseph Pyke (13.44m) Discus; U15G Katie Lake (21.44m) Discus; U15G Emilia Evans (19.37m) Hammer; U17M Oliver Trubey (30.29m) Javelin; U13B Tilo Dietzig (17.80m) Javelin and U13G Lily Wade (13.57m) Javelin.

Very well done to everyone who took part, click here for the full results.


Sunday 12th May was round 1 of 4 of the British Mens League Division 1 which the club hosted along with the Premier Divison. This was without doubt the highest standard of athletics competition held in Swansea since the University track opened, with some amazing athletes on show across all disciplines and all 16 clubs, smashing many stadium records.

Swansea Harriers did fantastically well going straight to 2nd in the league table with a fantastic all round team effort Individual highlights included top 3 A string placings for:

1st (8.27.39) 3000m Guy Smith; 1st (16.26m) Shot Patrick Swan

2nd (10.80) 100m Daniel Beadsley; 2nd (1.55.15) 800m Guy Smith; 2nd (3.56.14) 1500m Jonathan Tobin; 2nd (9.21.88) 3000m Steeplechase Daniel Rothwell; 2nd (41.88) 4 x 100m; Daniel Beadsley, Leon Greenwood, Kaia Cairney & Wyn Roberts. 2nd (4.20m) Pole Vault Ieuan Hosgood; 2nd (46.21m) Discus Patrick Swan; 2nd  (60.60m) Aaron Morgan Javelin.

3rd (14.53m) Triple Jump Osaze Aghedo; 3rd (35.51m) Hammer John Owen.

Many congratulations to the entire squad, click here for the full results.

Meanwhile elsewhere.............. U15B Tom Attwood wins SILVER at the South & East Wales regional championships in (2.13.26) over 800m; also at Aberdare U17M Ryan Price wins Triple Jump GOLD (11.53m) and U17W Cassey Grimwade throws (49.58m) in the Hammer to win GOLD and subect to ratification beating the club record in the process! SM Phil Matthews wins the Herford Half Marathon in (71.26). Belated congratulations from May 5th Cardiff 5k Inc Welsh Champs where Steve Smith ran (18.44) 3rd V55 and Silver in the Welsh Champs.