Results Swansea Harriers Open Meeting

In cold and windy conditions on Wednesday 18th April was the annual Swansea Harriers Open Meeting to start the 2012 track and field season. There were 240 athletes who competed which was a fantastic turnout and all did very well in the far from ideal conditions.

Very many thanks to all those officials who gave up their spare time to judge on the night and administer, the event could not happen without your support. Extra special thanks to Carina Nicholas the clubs new officials coordinator who did a great job in getting so many helpers for her first meeting. If any parents are willing to help out in fixtures over the 2012 season we really need much more help please either contact Carina or Andrew Jenkins Extra, extra special thanks to Jo Davis who did enormous amount of behind the scenes administration work and stayed up until the early hours of the morning typing up the results for you all.

Finally it is a rule of all meetings that only athletes and officials are allowed in the competition area, it was disappointing that so many people ignored the repeated requests to move behind the barriers and were continually in the way of the athletes and officials trying to do their jobs in particular at the Long Jump and 100m start, please bear this in mind for the remainder of the season.

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