Results Welsh Athletics Championships

The bank holiday weekend saw the Welsh Championships for all age groups at Cardiff from U13 to Masters. All those athletes who represented the club did really well with lots of personal bests, a handful of Welsh Championship Records, a few more gold awards and many medals won too. Very well done to all those who took part and here is our long list of medal winners;

33 GOLD U13B Michael Thompson (13.13) 75m Hurdles, U13B Scott Hill (8.56m) Shot, U15B Miles Keller-Jenkins (1.87m) High Jump and a new championship record, U15G Hannah Brier (11.81) 100m which is a new championship record as was her (24.87) 200m, there was a wind gage for the 100m but it was 0.1 over the legal 2.0m+ allowed following wind so won't count again as club or all time Welsh Record! U15G Eleri Slade (7.05.24) 1000m Walk, U15G Jessica Harry (1.55m) High Jump, U15G Emily Cockrill (10.67m) Shot and (27.89m) Javelin, U17M Jonathan Tobin (4.04.52) 1500m, U17M Connor Davies (4.39.04) 1500m Steeplechase, U17M Lewis Preece (3.86m) Pole Vault, U17W Catrin Jones (1.65m) High Jump, U20W Sian Swanson (10.62m) Triple Jump, U20W Nina Prells (10.06m) Shot and (34.86m) Discus, U20W Toni Wells (52.22m) Hammer and a new championship record, SM Paul Bennett (53.27) 400m Hurdles, SW Alaw Beynon-Thomas (4.38.14) 1500m, SW Caryl Jones (15.44.84) 5000m and a new championship record, SW Caryl Granville (14.34) 100m Hurdles and (59.29) 400m Hurdles, SW Donna Jones (5.04m) Long Jump, SW Claire Williams (39.11m) Javelin. M80+ Hubert Daniels (18.30) 100m and (40.10) 200m, M70+ John Collins (21.46.72) 3000m Walk, M40+ Richard Ledger (44.31m) Javelin and M55+ Renate Prells (7.04m) Shot, (20.70m) Discus, (26.99m) Hammer and (12.60m) Javelin, M35+ Jo Davis (10.76m) Javelin, Ambulant Male James Ledger (5.40m) Long Jump, Seated Male Shot Ashleigh Hellyer (7.35m) Shot

16 SILVER U13B Sam Martin (4.52.32) 1500m, U13B Scott Hill (21.44m) Discus, U13B Scott Morgan (4.49m) long Jump, U13G Megan Stratton-Thomas (19.76m) Discus, U13G Fellicity Church (4.29m) Long Jump, U13G Rachel Jones (22.38m) Javelin, U15G Jessica Merrick (11.95) 75m Hurdles, ,U15G Anna Barnes (2.56m) Pole Vault, U17M Rhys Gealy (11.34m) Shot, U17M Josh Hollisey-Mclean (3.36m) Pole Vault,  U17W Lara Philippart (4.42.09) 1500m, U17W Ffion Walters (9.82m) Triple Jump, U17W Carys Smith (34.55m) Hammer, U20M Stephen Scarfi (4.16m) Pole Vault, SM Ritchie Wells (54.69m) Hammer, SW Donna Jones (10.58m) Triple Jump

18 BRONZE U13B Mark Tobin (1.41m) High Jump, U13G Emily Coles (1.39m) High Jump, U13G Rachel Jones (8.85m) Shot, U15B Joe Crosby (14.40) 80m Hurdles, U15G Maryanne Eve (2.16m) Pole Vault, U17M Rhys Gealy (23.66) 200m, U17M Nathan Phillips (62.01) 400m Hurdles, U17W Lucy Hammett (41.75) 300m, U17W Erin Walters (1.60m) High Jump, U17W Cerys McCool (2.16m) Pole Vault, U17W Stephanie Nicholas (34.37m) Discus, U17W Bethan Radford (30.70m) Javelin, U20M Ben Jenkins (1.75m) High Jump, U20W Emily Dacey (5.08m) Long Jump, U20W Nina Prells (31.62m) Hammer, SM Daniel Williams (1.80m) High Jump, SW Catrin Stone (15.60) 100m Hurdles, SW Anwen Rees (1.02.13) 400m Hurdles

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