Round 2 of 3 U17 & U20 Youth Development League Premier Division @ Exeter Sunday 26th May

Sunday 26th May sees round 2 of 3 in the U17 & U20 Youth Development League Premier South/West Division at Exeter, EX4 8NT. The team got of to an amazing start in round 1, in fact the best start the team has had in several years, ending match 1 in 2nd in the league table.
This is our priority league for juniors where the team has the opportunity to progress after the three league matches, to the UK regional finals, and then onto the UK National final. Gaining selection for this team is very tough as we are only permitted to enter 2 athletes per age group in each track event (ie 4 in total) and 3 in each field discipline event across both age groups. Please ensure that you make every effort to represent the club if your team manager gets in touch. A timetable of events is available from your team manager. If selected report to your team manager below no later than 1 hour before your first event commences.
U17 Men (School years 10 &11) Jeff Cooze 079 44 01 18 53 or
U17 Women (School years 10 & 11) Wendy Slade 079 22 16 45 62 or
U20M (School years 12, 13 & 14) Jeff Cooze 079 44 01 18 53 or
U20W (School years 12, 13 & 14) Wendy Slade 079 22 16 45 62 or
We are obligated to provide a team of field judges, track judges and timekeepers for the match, if you are willing and available to support the event, please get in touch with our officials secretary Emma, who can be contacted via email on or by phone on 079 84 62 85 62