Sunday 29th July U17 & U20 Youth Development League South West UK Promotion Match @ Swansea

Sunday 29th July sees our U17 & U20 team in by far their most important team fixture of 2018 at home in Swansea. In a repeat of 2017 the team are in a relegation dog fight to avoid dropping out of the premier division. After another tough season, on the 29th they are up against the bottom 3 teams from the Premier Division who are West Wales and Cheltenham & County Harriers as well as the top 3 teams from division 1 who are Cardiff Archers, Team Gwent and South & East Wales, the match will decide who goes up and who goes down. We are confident that if we recieve the full support of all the athletes and all of their coaches to their club and team mates, they have every chance of staying up with the exceptional talent we have on paper. Please ensure you make every effort to represent your club if selected. The very best of luck to all those who make the team we know you can do it!

A timetable of events are available from our hard working team managers:

U17M (School years 10 & 11) and U20M (School years 12, 13 & 14) Jeff Cooze 079 44 01 18 53 or
U17W (School years 10 & 11) and U20W (School years 12, 13 & 14) Wendy Slade 079 22 16 45 62 or
We are obligated to provide track judges, timekeepers and field judges as part of the league rules. If anyone is willing and available to give us a hand, please get in touch with our club officials secretary Emma Spacey on 079 84 62 85 62 or