Swansea Harriers At The Commonwealth Games

The magnificent seven are now the fantastic five after the unfortunate withdrawals due to injury of Dewi Griffiths & David Greene. Nevertheless we are still very excited to see how our remaining five superstars get on and wish them the very best of luck. This is when you can watch them live:

Caryl Granville - WOMEN'S 400M HURDLES HEAT (Tuesday 10th April 02:50am) & 100M HURDLES (Thursday 12th April 02:20am)
Josh Griffiths - MEN'S MARATHON (Saturday 14th April 23:15pm)
Jonathan Hopkins - MEN'S 3000M STEEPLECHASE (Friday 13th April 10:30am)
Caryl Jones - WOMEN'S MARATHON (Saturday 14th April 22:20pm)
Elinor Kirk - WOMEN'S MARATHON (Saturday 14th April 22:20pm)

Swansea Harriers has a great history at the Commonwealth Games with fifteen first claim members having competed in the Championships for Wales:

1970 (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND) John J Williams           100m, 200m & 4x100m (Team 5th)
1970 (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND) June Hirst                    Pentathlon
1978 (Edmonton, CANADA) Jeff Griffiths                      200m & 4x400m
1982 (Brisbane, AUSTRALIA) Berwyn Price                 110m Hurdles (6th)
1986 (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND) Karen Hough               Javelin (6th)
1994 (Victoria, CANADA) Peter Maitland                      100m, 200m & 4x400m (Team 7th)
1994 (Victoria, CANADA) Steve Ingram                        Long Jump
1998 (Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA) Philippa Roles         Shot (6th)
2002 (Manchester, ENGLAND)  Donald Naylor            5000m & 3000m Steeplechase (6th)
2002 (Manchester, ENGLAND) Hayley Tullett           1500m (2nd SILVER MEDAL)
2002 (Manchester, ENGLAND)  Catherine Dugdale     5000m
2006 (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) Hayley Tullett          800m & 1500m (3rd BRONZE MEDAL)
2006 (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) Catherine Dugdale      10000m
2010 (Delhi, INDIA) David Greene                               400m Hurdles (1st GOLD MEDAL)
2010 (Delhi, INDIA) Chris Gowell                                  800m & 4 x 400m (Team 5th)
2010 (Delhi, INDIA) Philippa Roles                               Discus (4th)
2010 (Delhi, INDIA) Ashleigh Hellyer                            F32 Shot (5th)
2014 (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) David Greene                400m Hurdles
2014 (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) Dewi Griffiths                 10000m
2014 (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) Elinor Kirk                      5000m & 10000m
2014 (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) Chris Gowell                  1500m
2014 (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) Rachel Johncock           100m & 4 x 100m (Team 7th)
2014 (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) Hannah Brier                 100m & 4 x 100m (Team 7th)  

Several other athletes who at some stage in their careers were members of Swansea Harriers competed in the Games but at the time were first claim members of other clubs. These include Ian Hamer (3rd in the 5000m in 1990 when he competed for Edinburgh SPC), Philippa Roles who, whilst competing for Sale, finished 4th in the Discus in 2002 and 6th in 2006. In 2010 Matthew Richards, whilst competing for Belgrave in the Hammer and Ryan Spencer-Jones whilst competing for Birchfield in the Shot were also been included in the team.