Swansea University Car Park Closure

Parking and the access lane at the university sports facilities often can be challenging at weekends on on week nights due to the volume of users, to compound this please note, in preparation for the Radio 1 event taking place in Singleton Park on the 26th/27th May, we will have no access to the rear gravel car park (behind the council changing rooms) at King George Playing Fields from Wednesday 16th May to Monday 28th May inclusive. In addition, between these dates, there will be a large number of vehicles/lorries exiting the Sports Village daily, via Cwm Farm Lane onto Mumbles Rd, between the hours of 8.00am – 8.00pm. 
We have been asked by Swansea University to disseminate this to our membership so you may plan accordingly .Access and parking in the National Pool and side gravel car park will be available as normal, and pedestrian access from the Indoor Track to remainder of site will be via the pathway to the south of the Indoor Track (above the Astros), rather than through the rear gravel car park.
Swansea University appreciate this will severely restrict access and parking at the King George site, and apologise in advance for the inconvenience it will no doubt cause our club.