TESCOS & Sainsburys Sports Equipment Vouchers

To date we have collected over 3000 TESCOS vouchers and 2000 Sainsburys vouchers please keep them coming.

Swansea Harriers will be collecting Tesco's vouchers for schools and clubs. Vouchers are available from 12th March to 20th May in stores. Over the last few years the club has collected over 100,000 vouchers which have been used to purchase much needed equipment for the club. Please donate any vouchers you collect this year to Swansea Harriers. You can hand in vouchers on any club night.

The club are now collecting the Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers for 2012, please donate any vouchers you receive before April 12th to Swansea Harriers. All vouchers will be used to invest in some much needed equipment for the junior sections of the club. You can hand your vouchers in on any club night.