Welsh Athletics Run Jump Throw Coaching Initative

The Welsh Athletics Run Jump Throw programme will re-commence on Wednesday 17th April 2013 and will continue to be on a Wednesday evening 6pm to 8pm at Swansea University Indoor Athletics Centre. The initiative is open to athletes in school years 6 to 9 from any club as well as those who are unattached to a club. Unsurprisingly due to increased demand since the Olympics the initiative sold out quickly last term and will again be limited to a maximum of 50 subscribers for all subsequent terms, to maintain effective coaching ratios. Please complete the form below if you wish to enroll for the next phase on or before Wednesday 17th April. The cost is £36 for the 12 week term, cash or cheques payable to Welsh Athletics Ltd please.Renewal Letter Year 5 Term 3 WA Run Jump Throw School Years 6 to 9.doc