Club Officers & Trustees

The Trustees of the charity meet on the first Monday of every month.

The current trustees comprises:

Barrie Owen (President) (01792 290561)
Colin Davies (01792 208785)

Sue Griffiths (Treasurer) (079 68 38 51 25)
Travel and hotel expenses can be claimed for the following meetings: British Athletics League (BAL), UK Womens Athletics League (UKWAL), 6/12 Stage ERRA Championships, European Cross Country Championship Trials where athletes do not live on or near the team bus route for pick ups, and YDL athletes having to travel for an early start. Entry fees can be claimed by team managers only for the following meetings: Welsh Cross Country Championships, Welsh Road Relays, 6/12 Stage ERRA Campionships and Welsh cross country relays. Swansea Harriers Expenses Claim Form.xlsx

Tony Clements (Secretary) (079 76 54 33 44)
Tony Clements.png.jpeg
Christine McCoubrey (Membership Secretary) (078 37 74 54 18)

Jo Wood (Track & Field Secretary) (079 89 26 83 61)

Ian Griffiths (Vice Chairperson and Male Welfare Officer and Press Officer) (077 72 11 19 89)
Ian Griffiths.png
Brian Fox (Cross Country Secretary) (077 47 7561 14)

Lynne Brier ( Club Chairperson & Female Welfare Officer) (077 69 94 16 10)
Imelda Morrisson  (078 75 65 01 23)
Wendy Slade (079 22 16 45 62)
If any Club Member wishes to place an item on the Agenda of any Trustee Meeting please contact Secretary Tony Clements by e-mail at

The next Annual General Meeting of the Club will be at 7.45pm Thursday 4th October 2018 in the cafe at Ashleigh Road Playing Fields.

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Click here for the AGM Annual Reports 2011/12.doc
AGM Annual Reports 2018.pdf full copies of annual accounts will be available on the 4th October, or for any relevant members of the Swansea Harriers Charitable Incorporated Organisation by request from the club treasurer, whose contact details are above.